Integral skin PU

Integral skin PU foam moulding gives you a component with a tough, flexible skin that is moulded over a softer foam core, this type of PU foam moulding is ideal for many applications including handles and grab-bars, steering wheels, armrests, headrests, seats, gearshift knobs, toys, decorative trim and furniture components.

Integral skin polyurethane moulded foam has a moulded, flexible, tear-resistant outer skin. This skin is formed during the moulding process and protects a micro cellular foam core which can have a soft flexible core with a predefined hardness.

Integral skin parts can be colour matched and with pigment and mould painting your parts will be the same colour throughout, the mould tooling can also be chemically etched with various patterns to give texturing or graphics on the skin surface giving the appearance for example of a leather cover, inserts can be also moulded into the integral skin components.

Integral skin parts can also be flame retardant if required.


Integral skin PU moulding a large headrest for a marine application

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Integral skin side 4x4 step mouldings


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